Information from Mass 211 and MEMA


FRAMINGHAM, MA - If you live, work or plan to vacation in one of Massachusetts's coastal communities or near
a river or other waterway that is connected to the ocean, the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency
(MEMA) encourages you to "Know Your Zone" by learning whether your home, business or vacation destination is
in a pre-designated Hurricane Evacuation Zone. People who reside, work or vacation in a Hurricane Evacuation
Zone may be asked or ordered to evacuate prior to a hurricane or tropical storm making landfall. read more


FRAMINGHAM, MA - Governor Charlie Baker has proclaimed July 17-23, 2016 to be Hurricane Preparedness Week ( to promote the importance of preparing for the potential impacts hurricanes and
tropical storms can have on the Commonwealth's residents, homes, businesses and
infrastructure. In addition to preparing for the strong and damaging winds that are associated
with hurricanes and tropical storms, the Commonwealth's residents must also prepare for destructive and potentially deadly coastal flooding from storm surge and inland flooding from torrential rainfall. Indeed, flooding accounts for the majority of storm-related deaths during tropical storms and hurricanes.. read more

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