Family Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. How do I get help paying for child care?
A. There are different types of financial assistance to help pay for child care in Massachusetts. For more information
about financial assistance options or to get on the centralized waitlist, please dial 2-1-1.

Q. Am I eligible for financial assistance?
A. Families are eligible for subsidized child care if they meet EEC income eligibility requirements and have a reason
for needing child care. This reason is called a service need. The service need is defined as the amount of time
(during which subsidized child care is available) that neither parent is available to care for the child because they are:

  • beginning or continuing paid employment; or
  • seeking paid employment; or
  • participating in education or training (not including graduate school); or
  • are incapacitated

The chart shows current income eligibility by family size. These amounts are for gross income including all sources.
Click here to see the complete EEC income eligibility table.
Families with a child or parent with a documented special need may have an income at or below 85% SMI at
initial assessment and may remain eligible up to 100% SMI, provided they continue to have a documented special need.

Q. How long is the waitlist?
A. There are many factors that influence how long you are on the waitlist: funding availability, priority factors
and preferred type of assistance.

Q. How do I find a child care provider?
A. Mass 2-1-1 offers referrals to licensed child care centers, family child care providers, preschools, and out of school
time programs.

Q. What should I look for in a child care provider?
A. Mass 211 Specialists provide referrals, not recommendations. We do not license, endorse or recommend any
particular provider. Only you can determine the best quality setting for your child. Please contact and visit
providers before making a final decision.

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