Mass 2-1-1 Contact Information

Mass 2-1-1, Inc. Vice President
Gary Lever

888-811-3291 x4868

Mass 2-1-1, Inc. Executive Director,
President & CPO United Way of Tri-County
Paul L. Mina

46 Park Street Framingham MA 01702
888-811-3291 x4824 • Fax: 508-875-8862

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Mass 2-1-1 now has a TTY line to make human services and information more accessible to deaf, deafened and hard of hearing individuals. The TTY, also called a text telephone, uses terminals for two-way text conversation over a conventional telephone line. Each individual must have a TTY for a two-way conversation.

The Mass 2-1-1 TTY number is 508-370-4890.

The other option is for callers to use Mass Relay (7-1-1). 7-1-1 is the single, toll-free, nationwide number that gives everyone access to relay services. People can simply dial 7-1-1 from any phone to reach someone who uses a standard phone or a TTY. An operator will relay verbatim the conversation between the parties.